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This is a project that I have been working on for a while. I am almost finished. All the details as well as the whole pistol/stock piece are made by hand out of sintra. The barrel is some old pipe that I found at my sister's house. The pistol has nine layers each one has different detail. The stock has 7 layers. There are 38 different detail pieces. It all comes out to about 57 pieces of sintra. It was all glued together using super glue witch works vary well with sintra. It was time consuming and painful at times but well worth it.

The beginning
Before any sintra was cut

The first detail attached to the barrel

the emitter

The first six layers cut out

The first layers glued together

All the base layer glued

The stock layers attached

Cleaned up with bondo glazing putty and sanding

The pistol details attached. And I attached a pipe on the pistol so I can swap barrels.

more detail to the barrel

pistol details cleaned up

More detail to the barrel and stock

stock/pistol primed

Painted with flat black

T-grip attached to the barrel

Barrle painted black and battle damage added